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One of the most important things to consider when making functional pottery is food safety.  While swirling and layering many different colored glazes inside a piece can make it appear more beautiful, it can potentially make it harmful due to the chemical reactions happening between the glazes as they are fired, even when all glazes used are labeled safe for food. 
I don’t want my customers to have to worry about this. If the piece I make is meant to be used for food, I use only one lead-free, food-safe glaze on the places where food might touch, or I use lead-free celadon glazes that are completely mixable and may be layered or blended without jeopardizing food safety.  
Pieces not intended for food use, such as vases, soap dishes, and sponge holders, will likely have 2 or more layers of different glazes on them.  They should never be used for serving food.
My pieces can go in the dishwasher, but alkalis in the soap could eventually damage the glaze.  They can be used to reheat food in a microwave, but please use a potholder in case the piece is hot. 

I do not recommend using my pieces in the freezer but the oven is fine as long as the piece does not go directly from cold to hot. 

Regarding color, I try to use photos that show the color as true as I see it, but often what you see is not what I see.


Please, always keep in mind, handmade pottery is never perfect.  It's not supposed to be.  Those imperfections are what make it unique.

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