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At a young age I liked "playing in the mud". 
In college, I got my degree in Plant & Soil Science and became passionate about planting
and having my hands in the various soils that our earth creates.  Clay is just one type of soil and working with it is amazing, soothing, relaxing.
There's something both calming and creatively invigorating about molding, shaping, carving, trimming and glazing each piece I create, especially knowing it could be serviceable
for years to come and bring joy to its user.
Pottery is an organic process that is never quite the same no matter how many pieces a person throws or builds by hand.  You never know quite what the clay will do, what the glaze will do, what the firing process will do.  It's what makes each piece unique.

My mission is a simple one:

I want to create colorful, functional pottery that can be used by my customers every day.

The Story Behind the Name

I grew up in Maine and moved to South Carolina while I was in my 40’s. 

Somewhere around that time, my dad started referring to me as Lil Gurl. 

Anytime I would get an email from him, that’s how it would begin. 

When it was time to choose a name for my business, I chose to honor my dad

by using his nickname for me.


(207) 632-2305

Custom orders welcome. Email me so we can discuss.

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